To a holistic classification in medical theory and education

Introduction: Nowadays teaching medicine is based only on structural functionalism. Thus the conventional organization of the content of functional medical sciences like physiology, pathophysiology and internal medicine is sometimes ridiculous and difficult for learning and practicing.

Objective: To present the advantages of the functional approach in classification and teaching the content of Pathophysiology and Internal Medicine compared to the structural approach.

Method: In an attempt to improve teaching I reorganized the content of pathophysiology in a functional classification and then I applied it in the training of a group of medical students for three months. Result: The comparison of the results of the annual examinations of experimental and control groups shows that the functional approach significantly decreased the time required for the successful taking examinations. Conclusion: The results suggest that the functional classification of the content of some medical science must be available, if not as a basis, at least as an additional alternative in medical education

Author(s): Georgi Mihaylov Sarov

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