The Effects of Opioid Addiction on the Black Community

This paper provides a detailed discussion of the effects caused by opioid addiction among Black Americans. Since the onset of the opiate effects crisis, the United States has reached the highest rates ever reported in its history. Drug overdose, which began as a problem for Caucasians entered urban settings affecting more members of Black ethnicity than any other ethnic group. Black communities suffer various effects from opioid addiction ranging from mental health, economic and social life. Since Black communities remain out of discussion the regarding treatment of opiate addiction, they end up dying in high rates. Opioid dependence has increased risks of liver and kidney failure conditions which are conditions already predisposition for Blacks. Instead of helping them recover, the government often has led Blacks to prison, separating them from their loved ones.


Clairmont Griffith, Bernice La France1, Clayton Bacchus, Gezzer Ortega

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