Study of single dose methotrexate for treatment of tubal pregnancy

Introduction: Ectopic pregnancy (EP) occurs in ∼1% of pregnant women, and may seriously compromise women’s health. Systemic administration of methotrexate (MTX), has gained acceptance in selected patients.

Objective: The propose of this Descriptive analysis study was to determine the success rate of single dose methotrexate (MTX) protocol for the treatment of un ruptured tubal ectopic pregnancy .

Method: This retrospective study included 139 patients with ectopic pregnancy who were treated with MTX therapy (single dose protocol 50 mg/kg , Intra muscularly) during the years 2009-2010.data analyzed through SPSS software version 13.Decline of plasma human chorionic gonadotropin < 15% on the 4th day of MTX administration, mean of primary β-hCG level, need to additional dose of MTX, need to surgery, presence of free fluid in culdesac, length of hospitalization, , mean of gestational and maternal age, mean of ectopic mass size.

Result: The success rate was 64%, mean of primary β-hCG level was 523.72±674.13 MIU/ml, need to additional dose 23.74%, need to surgery 21.6%, free fluid was observed in 23% of patients, mean hospitalization was 6.46% days, mean of maternal age 27.74 years and mean of gestational age was 5.97±1.82 weeks and mean of ectopic mass size was 2.45±0.79 cm.

Conclusion: In women with an ectopic pregnancy medical treatment with single dose MTX tends to be successful options.

Author(s): Nankali Anisodowleh , keshavarzi Farahnaz , Fakheri Taravat, Daeichin Sara, Shakhodabandeh Mohsen , Rezaei Mansour

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