How Efficient Rural Healthcare Centres Work in Iran?

The capital input scarcity and their late returns in health system together with other factors such as high cost of constructing new centers, expensive equipment, inadequate expert workforce and consequently slow development of healthcare facilities have always encouraged policy makers and decision-makers of health sector to make optimum use of resources and adopt proper management policies. To ensure the provision of the best and high quality, healthcare services require evaluation of health sector, as efficiency assessment is the first step in performance evaluation. Health education has been one of the most important and inspiring roles of rural healthcare centers and health workers. To evaluate the performance and efficiency of rural healthcare centers in Langarud County is the main objective of this study which can help to improve the efficiency of rural healthcare centers, and also help to make proper plans and strategies to reach those goals and develop such centers. There were 970 active rural healthcare centers in Guilan provinces in 2015, out of which 45 centers were in Langarud County. In this study, we have used CCR model to evaluate their technical efficiency, the results showed that 9 out of 45 rural healthcare centers with the efficiency score of 1, are efficient. Then using AP-CCR model, the units were ranked based on their efficiency. The rural healthcare centers in Garsak, Kuro-rudkhaneh and Malat got the best efficiency scores, respectively.


Hori Hadipour, Mohammad Kavoosi-Kalashami, Arsalan Salari, Mohammad Karim Motamed

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