Histopathological Changes In White Matter Of Cerebellum In Pyrethroid Exposed Albino Rats

Introduction: The liquid vaporizers are very commonly used as residential insecticides in developing countries. Neurotoxic effects of pyrethroids have been reported earlier but studies regarding their effects on white matter of cerebellum are scanty in spite of its direct exposure. So the present study was planned to assess and compare the effects of long term prallethrin (a pyrethroid) exposure on white matter of cerebellum.

Method: Twenty albino rats were divided into two groups of control and experimental. Rats in experimental group were exposed to 3.2% w/v prallethrin vapors 12 hours daily for 180 days. Control animals were kept under identical conditions without exposure to said repellent. The animals were sacrificed after 180 days. Their Cerebellum removed and processed. Sections cut and stained with Haematoxylin and Eosin.

Result: The loosening of the white core along with cellular microcystic change with interstitial oedema was present in Experimental Group. White matter showed large empty looking cells with darkly stained nucleus and increased cytoplasmic vacuolation compared to control

Conclusion: : This study showed that long term pyrethroids exposure resulted in loss of white matter of cerebellum in rats. At present , the significance and manifestation of such a loss of white matter is not known . Further behavioural study is required to shed some light on this issue.

Author(s): Saim Hasan , Mohd.Shahid , Pawan Kumar

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