Differentiation of Tumors with Specific Red Cell Adherence (SRCA) test

Introduction: The A & B blood group antigens present on various body tissues are lost following a malignant transformation. Through this study, we have made an attempt to differentiate benign & malignant tumors by the use of this concept. The technique used was Specific Red Cell Adherence (SRCA) based on the principle of Mixed Cell Agglutination on Fine-Needle Aspiration (FNA) samples.

Objective: Our aim was to perform the SRCA test on FNA samples of various human solid tumors and compare them with histopathology (Gold Standard).

Method: A total of 35 FNA samples of swellings suspected to be tumors were collected & the SRCA test was performed on them. The results were compared with histopathology.

Result: The sensitivity of SRCA test was found to be 88.23%; specificity was 72.22%; positive predictive value was 75%; negative predictive value was 86.66% (p<0.05).

Conclusion: SRCA test is an easy & cost-effective technique that can be used for differentiation of benign & malignant tumors on FNA samples.

Author(s): Dr. Abhishek A Mangaonkar , Dr. A G Valand

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