Anthropometric and Atherogenic Risk of Cardiometabolic Disorders in Women

Background: Women, especially during their menopausal age, are predisposed to various cardio metabolic risk. This puts women at the risk of future development of various cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Objective: The aim of the present study was to assess role of various anthropometric and atherogenic risk factors on development of cardio metabolic syndrome in both pre and post menopausal Indian women.

Materials & Methods: A comparative cross sectional study was conducted among 70 premenopausal age 30-45 years) and 55 postmenopausal ( age 46-60 years) women. Metabolic risk factors were defined following NCEP ATP III and modified Asia Pacific criteria. Obesity indices like Body Mass Index (BMI ), waist circumference (WC), and waist hip ratio (WHR) were recorded. Atherogenic indices recorded were high density lipoprotein- cholesterol/ total cholesterol (HDL-C/TC), high den sity lipoprotein-cholesterol/ low density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C/ LDL-C) and triglyce ride/ high density lipoprotein- cholesterol (TG/HDL-C) ratio.

Results: The overall metabolic syndrome in women as per NCE P ATP III criteria was 32.1% and according to modified Asia Pacific criteria was 38.0%. The predominant anthropometric marker of metabolic syndrome in women was found to be waist circumference. The most significant atherogenic marker of metabolic syndrom e in women were altered HDL-C/TC, HDL-C/LDL-C and TG/ HDL-C ratio.

Author(s): Soma Choudhuri, Manjunath Aithal, Dipayan Choudhuri

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