A Study on Job Induced Stress among Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives in Jaipur City of Rajasthan

Introduction: As the pharmaceutical industry is growing day by day the need for the Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (PSRs) are also increasing simultaneously. The pressure of achieving targets is transforming the nature of job which eventually resulting into the Job Induced Stress (JIS) among PSRs. Objective: This study is trying to assess the JIS and the various factors responsible for it, some of the health consequences are also taken into the consideration.

Method: Data has been collected using a self-administered questionnaire which has been distributed to the PSRs (n=68). Data were entered into SPSS (version 17) & analyzed using descriptive statistics.

Result: Almost 56% of PSRs are feel under pressure & have some form of stress main reason are found to be dissatisfaction with job profile (59%) & working hours (60.35%), continuous pressure for improved performance (69%) and conflicting demands between work & home (75%).

Conclusion: Any development in professional practice of job need to be considered in the context of the well being of the PSRs who implement and are affected by the changes. Unless JIS for the PSRs is recognized and reduced they will remain on the brim of getting many health consequences.

Author(s): Raizada H , Bhagwandas M

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